designs and builds
your custom app and
launches your app business
in 90 days
for as little as $5,000.

Set Up



OS Updates



Cloud Service

$100 / mo


App Service

$100 / mo

(1,000 Users)



Tangled incubates
your startup so you can successfully go-to-market with your app idea.

We follow the Customer Development approach to make sure you do not spend an outrageous amount of money trying to find out if customers will show up.

Customer Development is a continuous learning process that helps you target the right customers, design and build an app that offers real value to customers, and create a sales and marketing plan to successfully acquire customers.

We will help you research the market opportunity and get out of the building to find out if your target customers are excited about your app idea.

Then we work with you to define exactly what your target customers want and need in your app so we can build a beta prototype. Our main goal is to increase the odds of your app astounding customers.

We will help you test your beta prototype with your earlyvangelist customers.

You will discover how to make your app better and what business model will allow you to capitalize on the market opportunity. Our goal is to spend time and money building an app that your target customers want.

We will help you extend your app and find more ways to grow.

Once you know you have the right team, the right product, the right positioning, and a repeatable sales channel, it is your job to leverage your professional reputation and domain expertise to market how your app solves your target customers’ problems.

Tangled designs
astounding, simple, and beautiful app experiences that make your customers return again and again and share the app with their friends.

Tangled designs your custom app by prioritizing your customers’ needs and features that align with their goals.

We rely on universal design principles, iOS and Android guidelines, and proven and reusable user interface patterns to make sure your app is engaging, easy to use, and really solves your customers’ problems. This focused app design, which is continuously tested by your target customers throughout the incubation process, creates experiences that will consistently meet or exceed your customers’ expectations.

We follow the fast, iterative, and collaborative Lean UX approach to design low fidelity and high fidelity prototypes of your app.

We translate your app idea into a low fidelity, alpha prototype that can be tested by you and your trusted, target customers. The low fidelity prototype helps you quickly find out if your customers can easily navigate the app and do what you want them to do. We will use your customer feedback to design a high fidelity, beta prototype that can be tested again by you and your target customers. The high fidelity prototype helps you find out if the updated app experience engages your customers and really makes their life easier.

Tangled builds
your custom, native app for a fraction of the cost by using our fully tested, continuously updated, feature rich Person2Person platform.

Our Person2Person platform offers you an all-in-one solution to help professionals engage their customers in real time anywhere they go.

You can build a custom app that lets professionals create profiles, post multimedia, find new customers, view what other professionals and customers are posting, send messages, schedule appointments, receive reminder notifications, and share astounding content on social media sites so your app becomes a viral sensation. You just need to select and customize the features and we will build your custom app.

We use collaborative project management tools and follow Agile methods to build your app, measure what designs and features are successful, and learn what you and your customers need.

We will build potentially releasable version of your app in every sprint cycle. Every week, you will see results and have the opportunity to provide early and critical feedback. And anytime you want, you can log in to our project management tools to see what we are working on for you. Our goal is to make sure that we build the app that you expect.

After your app has launched, we will continuously update the Person2Person platform and make those updates available to your app.

This may be when there are Android and iOS updates, fix any functional issues, or when you want to extend your app with new features. Our goal is to use mission specific analytics to find out how your customers use your app so you can make your app better.